Gina & the Corner Boys   

Gina & the Corner Boys is an exciting dance/party band based in the Philadelphia area.  The roots of the band go back many years but they have been playing in their current form since 1995.

All seven members of the band sing as well as play instruments which allows for a wide variety of different sounds and styles.

The bandís repertoire includes: Oldies, Motown, Funk, Swing, Rock, 70ís, 80ís, & 90ís Dance, as well as a sampling of todayís hits.  In addition, the band offers a great selection of light Jazz as well as standards by Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Bobby Darin and many more for dinner and cocktail hour.

Don't forget to think of us for any private
events you may be planning.  Live
music makes any event more fun and more
memorable. We can provide from 1 to 7 pieces
with a variety of styles to choose from.

Listen to song samples and watch videos of
the band on the Multimedia page!


Check out the Song List!

Contact Us to receive more information
or request a free CD or DVD!

Check the Schedule page for a listing
of our public performances.

VPS Entertainment
541 Monastery Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19128
(215) 509-0092
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